Challenge Exam Information

There are specific guidelines listed on the catalog (p. 192) in which it states that "while accepted at Mission College, may not be acceptable for credit by another institution, public or private. It is the student's responsibility to check with other institutions to determine the acceptability of any credit earned by examination."

The student needs to obtain the form from the Records Office and obtain signatures/approvals (ranging
from Records, Counseling, Dept.). The form needs to be submitted to Records prior to the end of the 6th
week of the semester.

  • student must be enrolled either at Mission College or West Valley (other than the course being challenged) no more than 12 semester units can be earned through challenged courses.
  • student cannot be enrolled in the course he/she is challenging.
  • student may take an exam only once and the grade received on the exam will be recorded on the permanent record of the students.
  • - units earned through such exams shall not be counted toward the minimum 12 semester units in residence required for an Associate Degree.