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Pass/No Pass Grade Option

P/NP Policy for Fall 2020

  • The deadline for students to select the pass/no pass (P/NP) grade mode option for a full-term course is extended to November 20, 2020. Deadline for short-term courses may vary. Not sure when the P/NP deadline is for your class? Check this list of important dates for all Fall courses.
  • NOTE: This option applies only to courses that currently allow students to select a P/NP grading option. Courses that are only allowed a letter grae option cannot be taken for N/NP. Check your courses syllabus or the college catalog to determine if your course can be taken for P/NP.
  • Request for the P/NP grade option are considered final. Grade options will not be reversed back to letter grade once your request has been processed. For this reason,  STUDENT ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO MEET WITH A COUNSELOR prior to submitting their P/NP request form. You can schedule a counseling appointment
  • Requests from students to change the grade mode after November 20, 2020 will require a petition that will be reviewed for consideration on case-by-case basis.
  • The updated Pass / No Pass form

EW Policy (Excused Withdrawal) for Fall 2020:

    • Updates have been considered per CCCCO Executive Order 2020-10 of March 20, 2020, Section 55024(e) (1). An EW can be assigned to a student for reasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • EW requests IN-TERM: During the term, withdrawals resulting in an EW can be assigned if approved by the Vice President of Student Services or Dean of Student Services. Approval of an EW during the term will be considered for students facing extenuating circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic or natural disaster, or other criteria under which and EW can be assigned. To be recommended for an EW during the term, a counselor or instructor will need to submit the CARE incdent report and explicitly state why they are recommending you (the student) for an EW during the term.
    • EW requests AFTER-TERM (Petition for EW after the term ends): Student will have the option to petition for an EW after the term ends and grades are posted. All students must meet with a counselor prior to submitting an EW petition.
    • Student interested in pursuing this option need to submit a petition along with documentation of extenuating circumstances due to COVID-19 pandemic or natural disaster or other criteria under which and EW can be assigned. Submission of a petition does not guarantee approval of the EW request.
    • If the EW petition is approved, the appropriate instructor(s) and Division Dean will be contacted to submit a complete grade change form.


You are encouraged to meet with a counselor prior to submitting the P/NP request form. Why is this important you ask? A few important points to consider:

  • Transferability of courses with a "P" grade differs depending on the university, major, and course. 
  • Students may want to compare the benefits of dropping a course versus attempting a "P" grade. 

You should also consider the following before electing to take a course for P/NP:

  • A “P” is equivalent to a C- or better. P/NP grades are not used in GPA calculations.
  • Taking a course for P/NP could have important implications for future graduate school admissions. Graduate schools may have prerequisites that require letter grading.
  • A NP grade mark does not earn course units. If you receive a NP grade, this could drop you below minimum progress or affect academic probationary status. This could also affect the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculation, which determines your eligibility for future financial aid.
  • Veterans who receive financial assistance may have a strong motivation to take classes for a letter grade, as the receipt of a grade such as a “NP” can retroactively impact financial aid. These are complex issues and students should consult closely with the VALOR program.

How do I change my grading option?
You need to submit the updated “Pass / No Pass Grade Option Request” form.

Will taking a class for P/NP impact my GPA?
P/NP grades are not factored into the GPA calculation.

Will taking a class for P/NP impact my time to graduation?
That depends on whether a letter grade in the class is required by your major or college. Additionally, courses in which you receive an “NP” grade yield no units toward graduation.


Students whose grade mode has changed to P/NP will appear on your grading roster at the end of the term.

Attach the Final Grade Submission document with information relating to the P/NP grading option.