Mission College Admissions & Records - Transcript Requests


Transcript Requests

Transcript Request Form

Policies and Procedures

  1. Transcripts can be ordered in person (Admissions & Records - Main Building (SEC-118), by fax, by written request through U.S. mail, and by email (askmc@missioncollege.edu) with a scanned attachment of the form with a signature, but NOT by phone. We need a SIGNED written request for a transcript to be processed. Transcripts are NOT faxed.
  2. Transcripts include only courses taken at Mission College and West Valley College.
  3. If you have never ordered transcripts before, the first two transcripts are free. Thereafter, additional transcripts are $6.00 each and will be processed and mailed out in 10 working days. Special Rush service is available for $20 per transcript (Immediate Processing) whether or not transcripts have been ordered in the past. (PROCESSING DOES NOT INCLUDE SATURDAY OR SUNDAY)
  4. RUSH transcripts can ONLY be requested and returned to student. 
  5. All courses completed or in progress at Mission College, excluding Community Education classes, will appear on the transcript. Midterm grades will not appear.
  6. Transcripts from other schools/colleges will not be forwarded or released. Students may not obtain any copies of transcripts from other schools/colleges through Mission. You must request a copy from that school/college.
  7. When sending transcripts, we CANNOT assure that your transcripts will reach its destination. Once the transcript leaves our college, it is the responsibility of the U.S. postal service. Lost transcripts may result in having to request and pay for additional transcripts.
  8. The West Valley Mission Community College District produces a district transcript combining both records from both Mission College and West Valley College. Note: All student records prior to Fall 1976 can only be requested through West Valley College.
  9. ALL Standard Transcripts will be mailed out only. 

For additional information, contact the Records Office at (408) 855-5020 or email askmc@missioncollege.edu