Mission College Admissions & Records - Who Must Apply

Notification of Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) or Social Security Numbers (SSN) Required Collection & Usage:
Federal legislation relating to the Hope Tax Credit and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 1098T production mandates that all colleges report student SSN or TIN numbers to the IRS. This IRS mandate requires colleges to collect the SSN or TIN. A student may refuse to disclose his or her SSN or TIN to the IRS but the IRS is then authorized to fine the student in the amount of $50.
Mission College does not use the SSN or TIN as student identifier- we assign a unique student ID to every student.
All SSNs and TINs collected as mandated are protected by federal regulations under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
Who Must Apply For Admission?
Identify your student-type for answers.

If you are NOT a continuing student (someone who was enrolled in at least one class during the previous semester at the West Valley Mission Community College District), follow directions from one of the following:

: A new student is one who has never enrolled at Mission College, and who must complete an application for admission.

: A returning student is one who was not enrolled in a class during the previous semester, but has been enrolled in classes at this District in the past. Returning students must submit a new application for admission prior to registering for classes.

: Visit our International Students website for information and application(s).

Persons on F-1 International Student Visas and other kinds of visas, such as B-1/B-2 or J visa, may visit the International Student Center for help.

Students who hold an H1-B or H-4 Visa should go directly to the Admissions and Records Office to apply to the college.


Dual Enrollment for Grades 11 & 12

High school juniors and seniors are eligible to enroll in college-level courses at Mission College. The academic credits earned at Mission College may be applied towards a high school diploma or a college degree.  High school students enrolled in college units (considered “dually enrolled”) are not required to pay the $46.00 per unit fees.

Student must be present at time of registration.

High school students are limited to the number of units into which they can enroll as follows:

Term Summer Fall Winter Spring
Unit limit 0-8 0-6 0-3 0-6
  • Enrollment Steps for High School students (please follow the link below)