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Welcome to our Intensive English program!

The Institute for International Studies (IIS) has been providing top-quality intensive English instruction in Silicon Valley (IEP) to international students since 1997. We have welcomed students from over 50 countries since IIS opened its doors 19 years ago. All IIS classes are held on the College's campus, and students enjoy the same privileges as all Mission College students.

We are here to teach you ESL for your life in the Santa Clara, San Jose and Silicon Valley communities.

The Intensive English Programs at Mission College is perfect for students who plan to attend college in the United States or simply want to improve their English language skills for their daily life and their career.

Program Dates

Spring 2 Session (8-week session), starts February 28, 2018
(Deadline: passed (outside US); Feb 26, 2018 (inside US))

Summer Session (10-week session), starts May 9, 2018
(Deadline:  Mar 9, 2018 (outside US); May 1, 2018 (inside US))

Fall 1 Session (16-week session), starts August 8, 2018
(Deadline: June 8, 2018 (outside US); Aug 1, 2018 (inside US))

Fall 2 Session (8-week session), starts October, 3, 2018
(Deadline: Aug 3, 2018 (outside US); Sept 24, 2018 (inside US))

"Start Date" above means "the day program activities start." We highly recommend that you look carefully at our application for details or contact our office.

Students interested in applying for "IIS Only" to study in our intensive English program may apply for one single session or multiple sessions.

Tuition and Fees for Intensive English Program (F-1 International Students)

8 weeks*

16 weeks*

10 weeks (summer term)*

1 Academic Year






Application Fee





Health Insurance, housing, books, etc.

$3,300 approximately***

$6,040 approximately***

$3,685 approximately***


Estimated Total and the amount required on financial statements in order to receive admission and travel documents.





*Students may register for 8, 10 or 16 weeks. If a student will be enrolling for more than one session, the amount on the financial statement must reflect the total amount of the session(s) added together. If a student wishes to enroll for one academic year, then the financial statement must show a total of $21,500.00.

**$100 is a non-refundable application fee.

***F-1 students are required to purchase health insurance that meets or exceeds limits recommended by the U.S. Government. Mission College IIS students are required to purchase the insurance provided by Mission College International Student Center. Health insurance fees for Spring/Fall (16 weeks) must be purchased for 6 month period. Insurance for Spring/Fall (8 weeks) sessions must be purchased for 4 month period. Summer (10 weeks) sessions is purchased for 3 month period.

Tuition and Fees for Intensive English Program (US Citizens, Permanent Residents, Visa Types E, H and L)

8 weeks*

16 weeks*

10 weeks (summer term)*









Estimated Total




IIS Program Highlights:

  • 5 admission dates per year (January, March, May, August and October),
  • 8-week or 16-week sessions, 10-week summer session
  • 20 hours a week of instruction with all skill areas taught,
  • 9 hours a week of lab work in the state-of-the art language laboratory,
  • Instructors who hold Master's Degrees and have many years of experience,
  • 4-proficiency levels focusing on college preparation,
  • Dual admission to the intensive program and the degree program, so students are assured they can begin college studies after meeting the language requirement,
  • A no-TOEFL Mission College admission option available to students who successfully complete our highest level,
  • Small classes with personal attention from instructors,
  • Orientation to and preparation for the transition to full-time college studies,
  • Full-time, full-service office that offers all admissions, advising and counseling support,
  • Cross-cultural activities, field trips, clubs and more,
  • Immigration and transfer assistance.
IIS Mission Statement

The Institute for International Studies (IIS) provides high quality ESL instruction, cross-cultural activities, and support services for international students who would like to improve their English for college preparation or other personal and professional goals. IIS offers an innovative learning environment conducive to building academic, cultural, and language skills necessary for success in American college and professional settings.

Admission Requirements for Intensive English

New students should:

  1. Be at least 17½ years old and graduate from high school before they attend,
  2. No TOEFL or IELTS score required