IIS Staff

IIS Staff

International Student Center Staff and Faculty

Our International Student Center Staff and Faculty are excited about answering any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

Call us at 1-408-855-5110.

Email us at iis@missioncollege.edu

Languages Spoken by Staff and Faculty: Cantonese, Chinese, French, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Tamil, and Vietnamese.

 Ms. Chigusa Katoku, M.A., Director of International Programs

Phone: 1-408-855-5025    Email: chigusa.katoku@wvm.edu

 Ms. Tracey Ward, M.S., Office Supervisor and Student Adviser

Phone: 1-408-855-5574    Email: tracey.ward@wvm.edu

 Ms. Jouney Chong, M.S., International Student Adviser

Phone: 1-408-855-5107    Email: jouney.chong@wvm.edu

 Ms. Gaozong Park, M.A., International Student Counselor

Phone: 1-408-855-5501    Email: gaozong.park@wvm.edu

 Ms. Marina Broeder, M.A., Interim Academic Coordinator and IIS Faculty

Phone:1-408-855-5079    Email: marina.broeder@wvm.edu

Student Assistants at our front desk include:

My Ha Truong, Vietnam                                          Yumiko Matsui, Japan

Duong Cao, Vietnam                                              Humphrey Chan, Hong Kong

Lam Le, Vietnam