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What is EOPS?

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Student Assessment Outcomes

  1. 80% of all program participants will complete at least 3 contacts with their EOPS counselor each semester.
  2. EOPS will retain 80% of continuing program participants each semester.
  3. 80% of program participants will complete at least 20 degree applicable units within their first two semester of EOPS (with the exception of ESL and DSPS students).


Student Learning Outcomes

Navigating College
Entering the community college space can be an intimidating undertaking for students. This can be especially evident for folks EOPS serves. Attending post-secondary education, whether as a first-time student or returning life-long learner, students are expected to flawlessly traverse various explicit and implicit systems and structures found on college campuses. Mission EOPS believes in encouraging our students to utilize campus resources, explore their academic ambitions, and advocate for themselves and/or others while they pursue their educational goals.
Personal Growth
As co-creators of knowledge with Academic Affairs, we strive to prepare our students to meet tomorrow’s opportunity by engaging with them through a student development perspective.  Mission EOPS believe personal growth and mindfulness are essential to student success.  Awareness of cultural strengths, gaining and acquiring practical knowledge, and incorporating new knowledge into daily life are all principles EOPS strives to achieve.
Academic Success
In serving a population of students who experience educational disadvantages, EOPS believes developing student success strategies are essential to their persistence. As a result, we believe time management, study skills, and goal setting are fundamental building blocks of student success that should be cultivated. Through workshops, services, and academic advising and counseling, we seek to work with our students to bolster these skills, which will support their persistence through Mission College and beyond.