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Britta Burton

Britta Burton


Britta Burton received her Bachelor's degree in Translating and Interpreting English and Spanish from the University of Mainz, Germany and her Master's degree in TESOL from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.

She then taught English as a second language at different private schools and adult schools in the Bay Area. In 1997, Britta joined the faculty of Mission College and West Valley College as a part-time instructor. In 2002 she became a temporary full-time instructor at Mission College . In 2004 she became a permanent full-time instructor.

Britta grew up in East Germany, the former communist half of Germany, and because her parents were considered dissidents, Britta was denied access to higher education in state high schools and subsequently in state universities. Yet that did not deter her, and she went to a parochial high school instead. At this high school Britta studied philosophy, Latin, and Greek, and she fell in love with the English language, thanks to some outstanding teachers she had. The graduation diploma, however, was not acceptable to the communist regime of East Germany to enter university. So Britta decided to work as a teacher for deaf-blind children instead until she could decide on an acceptable career. In the meantime she went to night school and received her "official" high school diploma after two more years. But then on November 9, 1989 the communist government of East Germany was overthrown and Britta left to work in London, England shortly thereafter, returned to Germany a year later to get her BA, met her husband, fell in love and moved to the US. The rest is history.

During her scarce free time, Britta enjoys spending time with her family, reading great fiction while drinking tea, exercising, and socializing with her friends. And Britta is always on the lookout for new ideas to use in the classroom with her students. She loves teaching!