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Kathy Henderson
Kathy Henderson


Kathy received her BA in Linguistics from U.C. San Diego 1n 1983 and her MA in TESOL from the University of San Francisco in 1996. She taught in San Diego and elsewhere before coming to Mission as a part-time ESL instructor in 1996. In 2000 she became the full-time Academic Coordinator for the Institute of International Studies, the intensive English program for foreign students at Mission. She continued to teach some ESL classes as well, and in 2004, left the Institute to become a full-time instructor in the ESL Department.

In addition teaching in San Diego and the bay area, Kathy has lived in Greece, and lived and taught in Iran and in Japan, so she knows the excitement and the difficulties of living and working in a strange place with a new language. She very much admires the ESL students at Mission, who have taken on the huge challenge of starting over in a new country.

Kathy likes all the ESL classes here because she enjoys helping students develop and sharpen all their language skills. Recently she has become very interested in the connection between grammar and vocabulary. Also, she knows that practice is the only way to improve, so she tries to create lots of opportunities for students to practice what they are learning.

When she is not at school, Kathy is slowly learning about organic gardening. Her family are faithful customers of a local organic farm, which sends them a box of vegetables every week. Finding new recipes for vegetables is an ongoing entertainment! She goes horseback riding at least once a week, and likes to hike and camp on vacations.