Mission College Counseling - Orientation

An important step to student success is Orientation! 

We offer TWO different types of Orientations. One is for brand new students and the other is for returning students, or students that have attended another campus.


A step by step guide to assist students in getting a successful start at Mission College is here and an important step is to complete Orientation - Step #3. 

WHO: New students are required to satisfy the orientation requirement prior to, or during, their first semester at Mission College (some exemptions apply - see below). Students that complete Orientation will be granted priority registration.  

WHY: Orientation is designed to acquaint new students with everything they need to know about Mission College. It provides students with information about the campus, higher education, college programs and services; degree, certificate, and transfer requirements; academic expectations and procedures; and campus facilities. How to select courses and registration information is also reviewed.

HOW: The Counseling Department offers a variety of classes that count towards the orientation requirement. Students can enroll in COU A (see below), COU 5, COU 23 or COU 145B (Summer Bridge Program), and many classes are offered online or in-person. We also provide COU A translated into Vietnamese as needed.


Semester, Date/Time, Method, Instructor, Section/CRN

  • Winter, 1/4-1/8, Online, Coleman, 10221
  • Winter, Tues., 1/9-1/16, 9:00 AM-1:15 PM, In person, Guardino, 10222
  • Winter, Wed., 1/10-1/17, 5:30 PM-9:45 PM, In person, Chavez, 10223
  • Winter, 1/16-1/19, Online, Park, 10224
  • Spring, Fri., 2/2-2/9, 9:00 AM-1:15 PM, In person, Hand, 32662
  • Spring, Sat., 2/3-2/10, 8:30 AM-12:45 PM, In person, Martinez, 32298
  • Spring, Tues., 2/13-2/20, 5:30 PM-9:45 PM, In person, Hittleman, 32296
  • Spring, 2/26-3/02, Online, TBD, 32297
  • Spring, Sat., 3/3-3/10, 9:00 AM-1:15 PM, In person, Lawhead, 32665
  • Spring, Thurs., 3/8-3/15, 5:30 PM-9:45 PM, In person, Cameron, 32666
  • Spring, 3/13-3/17, Online, Coleman, 32236
  • Spring, 3/13-3/17, Online, Park, 32667
  • Spring, Sat., 4/28-5/5, 9:00 AM-1:15 PM, In person, Lawhead, 32668

EXEMPTIONS: If you meet one of the exemptions below, complete an Orientation Waiver (students will not earn priority registration). You are exempt from orientation if you have:

  • Completed an associate degree or higher degree from an accredited U.S. institution; OR
  • Enrolled in the college for a reason other than career development or advancement, transfer, attainment of a degree or certificate of achievement, or completion of a basic skills or English as a Second Language course sequence; OR
  • Enrolled in the college for personal enrichment; OR
  • Completed these services at another community college within the past 5 years; OR
  • Enrolled in the college solely to take a course that is legally mandated for employment as defined in section 55000 or necessary in response to a significant change in industry or licensure standards; OR
  • Enrolled in the college as an 11 – 12 grade student concurrently taking classes in secondary school.

Those students returning to Mission College after a gap in attendance or those that have attended another college or university are given the option to complete a brief online orientation that familiarizes students with current policies, procedures and support services. 

To receive credit towards priority registration, students must complete both step 1 and 2 listed below.

Step 1: Begin Orientation
Step 2: Complete the Orientation Quiz