Health Occupations

Important Notice!

Thank you for your continued interest in Health Occupations at Mission College. We will be having informational sessions starting sometime in February. Before this time, feel free to explore our Health Occupations website for more information. If you are needing course recommendations, please look at enrolling in our prerequisite and/or recommended courses. We are starting the major revision of our curriculum this Spring of 2015. In an attempt to give us time to evaluate the effectiveness of this curriculum, our next projected start is either in the Spring or Fall of 2016.   Dr. Lu Crary

Registered Nursing (LVN-RN) Program Director: Shara L. Crary, DNP, MSN, RN
RN Office phone: 408-855-5579

VN Program Director: Shara L. Crary, DNP, MSN, RN
Tel: 408-855-5579

PT Program Director: Shara L. Crary, DNP, MSN, RN
Tel: 408-855-5379
AH Director: Myra Sternlieb, MSN, BSN, RN, DSD
Tel: 408-855-5303

Department Chair: Ann Cowels, RN, MS
Tel: 408-855-5377
Counseling: 408-855-5030 
Division: Applied Sciences
Div Chair: Janice Morgan

Mission College offers several areas of study resulting in certificates, degrees, or licensure in the field of Health Occupations. These include Nursing Assistant (NA), Home Health Aide (HHA), Community Health Worker, Psychiatric Technician (PT), Vocational Nursing (VN), and Registered Nursing (RN) programs. Each program is unique with its own required prerequisites, course work, labs, and clinical studies.

No recency requirement for Science courses. Science courses are NOT required to be within 5 years. Beginning Spring 2015 entry into the PT and VN program will require a CNA certificate.


This department maintains industry ties through an Advisory Committee.