AMATYC Contest


The annual national contest sponsored by the American Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) consists of 2 rounds: one round in the fall semester and one round in the spring semester.

Each round consists of 20 multiple-choice questions on a variety of topics in precalculus mathematics: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, functions, graphing, probability, combinatorics and elementary statistics.

To take the exam, one needs to be a community college student at a participating community college. To take the exam at Mission College, one needs to be a Mission College student without any kind of college degree.

The top 5 scores in each round form the Mission College "team." The college, then competes informally with other community colleges around the state and the country. Members of the team receive certificates to honor their accomplishments.

At the end of the 2 rounds, the top five high scores (sum of Round 1 and Round 2 scores) receive scholarships from the Mission College Mathematics Department.

1st  Place $150
2nd Place $100
3rd  Place   $50

On the national level, the person who has the highest combined score on both rounds receives a $3,000 scholarship from AMATYC. For more details, see the rules and tips sections below.


Rounds 1 and 2 of the 2013 - 2014 contest have been completed, and the team results are below.

See more details about the contest. 

Past contest questions and answers are on the AMATYC website.

Mission College Math Contest teams for 2013/2014
Round 1  Round 2  Overall Winners
 1. Patrick Dong  1. Patrick Dong  1. Patrick Dong
 2. Vinh Hoang  2. Zhiyang Lu  2. Vinh Hoang
 3. Vu Le  3. Vinh Hoang  3. Zhiyang Lu
 4. Zhiyang Lu  4. Vu Le  4. Vu Le
 5. Gundavelli Suryatej  5. Haoyang Song  5.  Haoyang Song

Congratulations to the contest winners and to all participants!

The contest questions were both challenging and mind-expanding. Having the contest experience makes everyone a winner. Keep up the good work and look forward to next semester!

  • Contestants must be Mission College students who do not hold any college degree.
  • Contestants may not enter the testing room once the contest has started. (Be on time!)
  • Contestants may not leave the testing room until the test is completed and all the materials are collected.
  • During the test, contestants may use a scientific or graphing calculator which does not have a keyboard.
  • Contestants may not use dictionaries, cell phones, PDAs, iPods, computers, or other electronic devices. 
  • Questions are multiple choice, although occasionally there may be a short-answer question.
  • Scoring is as follows: 2 points for each correct answer; 0 points for an answer left blank; and minus 0.5 point for a wrong answer.
  • Come to one of the review sessions conducted by the Mission College Math Department. The dates for the sessions can be found above.
  • Bring a scientific or graphing calculator to the contest. If you do not have a calculator, the college can lend you one.
  • Do not try to answer all the questions on the test (unless you know how to do them all in the time allowed!). Since wrong answers count as negative points, it is best to leave the answer blank if you have no idea how to do the problem.
  • Do not spend too much time on one problem. Try the easier problems first, but beware if the problem seems too easy.
  • Read each problem very carefully before and after solving it.
  • Have fun solving these intriguing puzzles!

If you have further questions regarding this contest, you can contact one of the moderators of the Mission College AMATYC Contest:

Rick Hobbs  

Carmen Musat