Faculty Training

The Mission College Distance Learning Committee is responsible for training. Dates and times for training will be added as they become available.
Online Presentations

Regular and Effective Student Contact in Online Courses
What does “regular and substantive interaction between the students and instructor” look like, and how can you ensure your course has it? This presentation introduces you to “Regular and Effective Contact” and provides techniques and strategies you can utilize to ensure that your online course has effective and substantive interaction (Note Taking Handout).

Community of Best Practice Brown Bags

This is an on-going series of brown bags dedicated to the sharing of best practices and effective contact for online learning.

Spring 2015 schedule  - Go to http://goo.gl/LFN1aa to sign-up!


Flex Day and Boot Camp Workshops 

Check back for information for Fall 2015 Flex Day

Workshop Descriptions
Intro to ANGEL This workshop provides you with a basic introduction to ANGEL. You will learn to navigate in your ANGEL homepage, access your courses, and add content to the Lessons are in ANGEL. You will also receive a basic introduction to the ANGEL Gradebook.
ANGEL Assessments This workshop will provide you with the skills needed to create assessments and surveys in ANGEL. You will also learn to export and import assessments in ANGEL, and automatically post assessment grades to the ANGEL Gradebook.
ANGEL Gradebook This workshop will provide you with a in-depth look at the ANGEL Gradebook. You will learn to configure your Gradebook.
Elearning and the Science of Instruction Ever wondered what techniques work best to help students learn using a multimedia presentation? Should you narrate the slides in an interactive presentation, or just use text captions? Do decorative graphics and extra sounds aid or hurt learning? This workshop will relate recent research in multimedia learning to the design and development of media for your traditional and distance learning courses
Using Articulate to Create Multimedia Presentations Articulate is a PowerPoint add-in that allows you to create Flash-based presentations that include audio, video, games and quizzes. Articulate s seamless integration with Power- Point makes it an excellent addition to your instructional
Creating an Online Orientation The Mission College Online Learning Schedule is the first place a student visits when shopping for a course at Mission College. In this workshop you will learn how to login and update your distance learning course information. Don t miss out on an opportunity to market your course to the public.
Training Course Modules
West Valley & Mission Colleges jointly offer free online training modules during fall and spring semesters. The modules are  completely online and are facilitated courses with weekly assignments and due dates. All modules have been approved by PG&D and will cover the three units (equivalent) required for Segment A. Each module "stands alone," so there is no need to take them in order.
Module Descriptions

MODULE 1: Introduction to the Online Environment

HOURS: 2 Weeks (24 Hours = ½ Unit)

Topics covered:

  • Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communication,
  • Netiquette
  • Are you Ready to Teach Online?
  • Are Your Students Ready to Take an Online Class?
  • Online/Adult (Andragogy) Pedagogy
  • Creating Objectives

MODULE 2: Online Course Design

HOURS: 6 Weeks (72 Hours = 1.5 Units)

Upon finishing this module, participants will either have

a) created an online class, or

b) redesigned a face-to-face class to be delivered as an online class.

In Module 2 participants design with:

  • Learning in Mind
  • Organization in Mind
  • Navigation in Mind
  • Assessment in Mind
  • Content in Mind
  • the Future in Mind
  • Process in Mind

Textbook  required; it will be supplied to those registered:
Conquering the Content: A Step by Step Guide to Online Course Design by Robin Smith.

MODULE 3: Copyright, Accessibility, Academic Dishonesty

HOURS: 2 Weeks - (24 Hours = ½ Unit)

Topics covered:

  • Academic Dishonesty
  • Accessibility
  • Copyright, Teach Act, Intellectual Properties, Fair Use Guidelines
MODULE 4: Social Networking and Best Online Practices

HOURS: 2 Weeks (24 Hours = ½ Unit)

Topics covered:

  • What is social networking and how can it work for me?
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Podcasts/Videocasts
  • Best Practices using ANGEL
  • Best Online Practices
  • Presentations-Design/Delivery for Online Classes
Additional Mission College Training Resources


All faculty and staff now have access to lynda.com, an online subscription library that teaches the latest software tools and skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts. Instructions for accessing the WVM subscription are available on the Staff Development Online Training Resources page.

Other Training Resources

@ONEoffers online and self-paced courses, as well as desktop webinars for free - or at a very low cost - thanks to funding from the California Community College Chancellor's Office Telecommunication and Technology Infrastructure Program. 

Jim Thatcher Web Accessibility Tutorial teaches the basics guidelines of Section 508 and the American Disabilities Act. This tutorial explains how to design a web page, or online course, so that it meets Priority One guidelines of the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative).