Mission College - Committment to Diversity

Diversity at Mission College
Jennifer Gile

Jennifer Gile, a chemistry instructional laboratory technician here at Mission College makes wine. For the last three years Jennifer and her boyfriend Mark, have made about a dozen different wines depending on the seasonal fruits. Jennifer also uses her yard as a garden and is thinking about becoming a beekeeper. Jennifer is thrilled to see that President Obama is using part of the White House lawns for gardening and beekeeping

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Diversity Awareness, Pluralism, and Inclusion at Mission

A core value of Mission College is to "create an institutional climate of full enfranchisement and participation for all students, faculty, and staff" with specific goals:

  • Increase student success, retention, persistence, and transfer among historically underrepresented student groups.
  • Establish programs and outreach activities to attract diverse student populations.
  • Develop and implement programs and services to provide equitable opportunities for all students.
  • Eliminate barriers to attracting and maintaining a high quality and diverse faculty and staff.
  • Establish an ongoing program to review, enhance, and coordinate issues and programs associated with student equity, access, opportunities, and success.
  • Promote cross-cultural understanding among and between students, faculty, and staff.
  • Provide career advancement opportunities for staff in order to support, attain, and maintain diversity at all levels of the college.


A commitment to diversity means a dedication to the inclusion and support of individuals from all groups, encompassing the diverse characteristics of our community. Among these characteristics are socioeconomic background, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, and religion.

The Mission College Staff/Faculty Diversity Plan details efforts to ensure a positive and inclusive working environment for all college faculty, staff, and administrators. Efforts for ensuring a positive and inclusive environment for students are covered in the Student Equity Plan.

In the spirit of collective responsibility, we encourage each member of the campus community to help make our college a welcoming place for all.