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Frequently Asked Questions


Regarding the Suspension of Classes at Mission College

Mission College is going through phases to re-opening. The physical campus is closed the the public except for employees and some individual classes. We reccommend talking to our services online.

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General Questions

Are online classes still happening?

Yes. All online classes will continue.  We continue to function as a college, just online.

What happens next?

We continue to update the campus as we know and have phases to re-open.

We will update students through the Mission College website, Twitter (go2missionSC), email and Canvas.

How long will this last?

Currently the campus remains closed to the public and we are answering questions online and over the phone. We are under guidance from the Santa Clara County Health Department and State and following their guidelines.

Can I talk to a counselor, Admissions, Financial Aid or someone in EOPS, TRIO, VALOR, CalWORKs, Puente, MESA or DSPS?

Yes. Our service areas are moving to an online format, such as email, Zoom, Skype or telephone. We are working to transition as quickly as possible and not having face-to-face contact on campus.

Can I still go to my lab?

No. All on-campus lecture and lab classes have been suspended. Some classes may be online, but it is limited.

How do I contact my instructor?

Your instructor's email is on the syllabus. Many emails are their first name and last name i.e., If you do not get a hold of them, try the department chair on the College website. They will also be in contact with you about changes to your classes. They simply might not know yet themselves. Please be patient. You can also contact them through Canvas.

How will this affect my grades/transferring/next semester?

We are working diligently to make sure you receive proper credit for course work completed. Grades will still occur. Credits will still be given. Adjustments in teaching styles may occur, although we will work to provide as much support to you through this transition. We encourage students not to quit midsemester or simply stop showing up. This could create adverse results in regards to grades. We are here to support you and get you the knowledge you need to complete the class. 

We have agreements with CSU and UC campuses that credit will be honored for this semester.

Will I get a refund?

Students who drop classes from the start of the pandemic (March 11) through April 25 will receive a refund. Students who dropped previously will need to petition the Admissions Office for a refund.

Library fines

Library fines after March 10 will be waived for returning books. Students can do so in person in the library or in the drop off slot at the front of the building. 

What if I need accommodations?

We ask students to reach out to DSPS directly and let us know your needs. They can be reached at

If there is a specific question that needs answering,. please email us and we can try to add it. Email: Also, note the class and your G-number. Thank you.

Admissions Questions
Admissions Questions During This Time

Will my transcript order be processed? 
Yes.  Transcript orders are being processed.

Has my transcript from another college been received?
Transcripts received from other colleges are processed and routed to the appropriate staff within 7-10 business days. 

What is the deadline to apply for graduation?
Deadlines are on our “Are you ready to graduate?” web page.  

When will I know what my priority registration date?
Priority registration dates can be found on My Mission Portal and we will release them on   Check your portal on a regular basis to find out what your registration date is. 

Can I still get an enrollment verification?
Yes.  Complete the Verification Request form and send via email to:

Where is my 1099-T?
You can access your 1099-T from inside My Mission Portal under the Student tab and by accessing the Student Account section.

Bookstore FAQs

How can I return my rental textbook at the end of the term?

  • A link to create a UPS shipping label is provided in the Rental Return emails and on Or visit Pack all of your books into one box and create one label to affix to the box.

  • Rental textbooks will be checked in when employees have access to bookstore.

  • If late rental fees have been assessed while the bookstore is closed, they will be refunded.

  • Grace periods will be extended to prevent students from being charged while the bookstore is temporarily closed.

Will the bookstore be offering buyback on my books at the end of this term?

  • The bookstore will buyback books from the Spring term once reopened.
As more campuses switch to online classes only, how is the bookstore supporting online ordering?
  • We are offering Free Shipping as the default shipping option on all sales.
Financial Aid Questions
Financial Aid Questions

Is the Financial Aid office open?
Yes.  Although closed to the public due to the COVID-19 situation all Financial Aid services  are being provided remotely via online platforms until further notice. Please visit the Mission College Financial Aid webpage for more information.

In the interest of safety for all students and employees, please email documents (.PDF/.JPEG/.PNG) to (from your email account) and if you have questions, please call us at (408) 855-5546.

How do I submit any documentation to complete my financial aid file?
Students may submitted the completed documents via regular mail to:

Mission College
Financial Aid Office
3000 Mission College Blvd., M/S 14
Santa Clara, CA  95054

or send completed scanned documents to

Do NOT send photographs of loan documents, wet/electronic signatures are required per federal regulations.  

Can I still apply for a student loan?
Student loan applications are available inside My Mission Portal.  Go to the Student tab and access the Financial Aid section, go to à General à   Downloadable Documents à Direct Loan Packet.  Please read completely as there are several requirements as part of the application process..

Can I still submit a satisfactory academic progress (SAP) appeal?
The SAP Appeal form is under the General section of Financial Aid under the Student tab located inside My Mission Portal. The SAP Policy can be access from the Financial Aid home page. . 

Can I still apply for a scholarship?
Scholarship applications for 2020-2021 are located at

Your Letter of Recommendation should be either emailed to:
Lucia Moreno at, faxed to 408-855-5546 or mailed to:

Mission College
Financial Aid – Scholarships
3000 Mission College Blvd., M/S 14
Santa Clara, CA  95054 

How do I request a Social Services financial aid verification?
Email your verification for housing forms to: Include instructions on where the form should be sent. 

 For other Social Service verifications, email the completed the Authorization to Release Documents form and the agency’s requesting documentation to

 Request an Authorization to Release Documents form

My FAFSA/Cal Dream application was selected for verification.  What do I need to do?
Login to My Mission Portal and go to the financial aid tab. Go to the Required Documents area.

Determine which of the six different verifications worksheets you need to complete for your file.  Download and complete the appropriate Verification Worksheet, and submit with the appropriate federal tax documents.  Please email documents (.PDF/.JPEG/.PNG) to (from your email account) and if you have questions, please call us at (408) 855-5546.

For the 2019-20 academic year, submit 2017 tax documents. 

Verification Worksheets for 2020-2021, are not yet available, but will be very soon.  The submission deadline is July 1, 2020.  2018 federal tax documents will apply to the 2020-2021 academic year.

Can I still apply for financial aid?
Yes.  The Financial Aid team continues to process financial aid applications. Financial aid is disbursed to eligible students with completed financial aid files every two week.  The second major disbursement for spring 2020 is scheduled for the week of March 27.  

How will dropping a class now impact my financial aid?
We do not know how dropping a class may impact your financial.  Our Financial Aid office is waiting for guidance from the U.S. Department of Education on how financial aid student may be impacted because of COVID-19.  We will notify students as soon as we know.

Why haven’t I received my financial aid?

Rest assured that if you have applied for and are determined to be eligible for financial aid you will receive your aid.  A transition to telecommuting due to COVID-19 has impacted operations.  If you have questions on the status of your application contact the Financial Aid office at or at (408) 855-5546.  Some of the most reason for not receiving financial aid are:

  • Your BankMobile account has not been set up – see topic above
  • Your expected family contribution (EFC) is greater than your Cost of Attendance (COA)
  • Additional documents are required to complete the file
  • Negative SAP Standing
  • Not enrolled in classes
  • Not following official Education Plan for your declare primary program of study
  • Did not list Mission College on FAFSA
  • Listed both Mission College and West Valley College – only the college where you primary program of study is listed needs to be on the FAFSA.

I have FWS, will I still get paid during the closure due to COVID-19?

Yes.  Federal Work Study students will continue to get paid for hours they would have normally worked until the shelter in place moratorium is lifted.

Human Resources

Information from Human Resources from the District

Specific questions from employees can be asked to Jayson Lister-Hall,

Refunds, Parking and Dropping Classes
Dropping Courses

We encourage each student to discuss this decision with a Mission College counselor before coming to a final decision, but also recognize the need for some to take action now. See the Counseling webpage  for more details about how to reach a counselor, or email

For students who are still determining whether or not to continue learning as we transition to online for many classes, please rest assured that we have received information from the UC Office of the President and the CSU Chancellor’s Office that UC and CSU will honor transfer agreements that have been established.

As long as you successfully complete the course and meet the grade requirements, you will receive credit for the class.

Drop Deadlines and Refunds

Dropping courses due to the COVID-19 concerns will not negatively impact your eligibility for categorical programs like EOPS, TRIO, and Cal-Works.


The District has decided to not credit or refund parking for Spring 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have. Parking will be enforced starting in the Fall.

Transfer to a UC or CSU

For students who are still determining whether or not to continue learning as we transition to online for many classes, please rest assured that we have received information from the UC Office of the President and the CSU Chancellor’s Office that UC and CSU will honor transfer agreements that have been established. UC and CSU transfer questions.

Online Classes

What if I have never taken an online course or don't know how

We realize this is something students may not have asked for. But know we are here to support you in learning this new format, learning Canvas and finishing the semester strong. We are in this together. Online overview of using Canvas

Note that many classes will be converted to live video sessions through Canvas allowing for participation from off-campus.  Many of these classes will be similar in format to your current classes.  For those courses that do change format, please know that we will be offering support workshops, informational resources, and support through the Academic Support (Tutoring) Center.

Some students might find helpful tips on using Canvas at

Wifi and Laptop Options
Students Without Wifi or Laptops

The College realizes some students have technological challenges, such as lack of wifi or a laptop we are looking for alternatives on campus for students.

The computer labs on campus are closed, unfortunately. 

Library resources can be accessed online 

Many who don't have printers can write down the answers on their own paper and upload them using CamScanner to Canvas. The student will need to check with their professor to see if this is a good option for them.

Students can download the Canvas App to their phones.

Wifi options due to the pandemic

We have listed a number of internet options on our resources page.

Operating Hours / Events / Other Programs

The campus is currently closed to the public and answering questions remotely. We suggest looking up indivdiual areas to contact them.

Library closed. Online references still available

PSDD closed.

Child Care Center closed

Welcome Center Welcome Center ambassadors will answer questions online via live chat.

Are Classes at Adult Education, Santa Clara high schools and PSDD still open?

No. Those areas are currently closed. Please contact those areas for further details.

What about outside rentals?

We will not be receiving any new rentals. Our facilities rental team has reached out to organizations such as San Jose State, Notre Dame de Namur, Alpha Star, Bay Area Road Dogs, New Life Community Church and our community education classes (such as motorcycle training or court mandated classes). Those individual groups will contact members.

Offsite Classes

Classes taught offsite through apprenticeship programs or as area high school CCAP courses taught at the high schools are suspended. Please contact those individual areas for instruction.

Child Development Center

The Child Development Center is closed.


Spring sports were canceled by the CCCAA and spring sport eligibility was restored for CCCAA sports, this includes practices, outside of class time. Sports seasons are slated to resume in Spring 2021.

Resources for Students

We have developed a number of links for students around mental health, medical resources, housing, domestic abuse, food insecurity at