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SSSP provides services that help you be more successful in college.  These services include ORIENTATION, ASSESSMENT, and EDUCATIONAL PLANNING.  SSSP keeps you on track by working with other services and programs on campus to help you reach your goals. Completing these services also gives you PRIORITY REGISTRATION which qualifies you for an earlier date to enroll in classes!



In order to receive Priority Registration, you must complete an Orientation, Educational Plan, and Assessment by the deadlines listed below:

Registration Period  Deadline to Complete SSSP Services
Summer/Fall  3rd Thursday in March 
Winter/Spring  3rd Thursday in October

If you believe that you have been assigned an incorrect Priority Registration date, students can submit a Priority Registration Appeal Form online. The college will accept appeals between March 29th – April 9th and all submissions will be reviewed. Decisions will be made and students will be notified no later than Thursday, April 12th.

Please click below to access the appeal form:

Priority Registration Appeal Form



Orientation allows you to learn about financial aid, registration, tutoring services, important locations on campus, types of degrees, and more, helping you adjust to your new college.


The assessment process helps place you in courses at the right level, making sure you don't end up with work that is too difficult or not challenging enough.


An Education Plan helps you identify the courses required to complete your goals and the best order to take them in, helping you determine the amount of time and money you will need to invest in your education and take the most direct route from start to finish.



You have the right to waive the requirement to complete assessment, orientation, and educational planning.  We believe waiving these services may affect your success at Mission.  Be aware, by doing so, you will not qualify for priority registration.


Student Success &
Support Program  (SSSP)

SSSP Contact Information

Ken Songco, Director of Student 
Equity and Success

Thanh Do, IT Analyst


SSSP Task Force

Richard Alfaro, Dean of Student Services

Inge Bond, Director of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness

Yolanda Coleman, Counselor

Thanh Do, IT Analyst

Dr. Maria Escobar, Director of Student Enrollment & Financial Services

Alison McGann, Assessment Testing Specialist

Ken Songco, Director of Student Equity & Success

Rebecca Tran, Counselor

Thuy Trang, Counselor 

Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways