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Spring 2021: Details and Resources

Guided Pathways

4 pillars imageGuided Pathways is a multi-year state program designed to improve outcomes of all California Community College students. Guided Pathways is made up of the following four pillars (in the graphic) explained below. 

Four Pillars of Guided Pathways
  • Clarify the Path (creating clear pathways to employment and further education)
  • Enter the  Path (help students choose and enter their pathway)
  • Stay on the Path (help students stay on their path)
  • Ensure Learning (follow through and ensure improved student results)

Watch a video that further explains Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways Combines the Work Of:

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Student Success and Support Program

Student Success and Support keeps you on track by working with other services and programs on campus to help you reach your goals. Completing these services also gives you PRIORITY REGISTRATION which qualifies you for an earlier date to enroll in classes!

Learn more about what it takes to get priority registration with SSSP.

Deadlines to Complete SSSP Services

In order to receive Priority Registration, you must complete an Orientation, Educational Plan, and Assessment by the deadlines listed below:


Registration Period Deadline to Complete SSSP
Summer/Fall 3rd Thursday in March
Winter/Spring 3rd Thursday in October
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Strong Workforce / Career Education

The purpose of the Strong Workforce program is to develop a stronger career education program moving low-wage workers into living wage jobs. Career Education programs at Mission College include Hospitality Management, Graphic Design, Child Development, Health Occupations, Fire Tech/EMT, Business/Accounting, Computer programming and applications.

Learn more about the Career Education program at

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Basic Skills InItiative

Basic skills are those foundation skills in reading, writing, mathematics, learning skills, study skills, and English as a Second Language which are necessary for students to succeed in college-level work. We work across campus to help our students succeed at the college level.

Learn more about how you can improve your basic skills.[BROKEN LINK]

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Student Equity

Mission College has a vision of creating a student centered, bias free learning community for all all and hopes to achieve this through the college's Equity Framework. Put into action it creates equitable outcomes for all students to succeed.

Learn more about how we are addressing equity at Mission College