Distance Learning Committee

Type of Committee: Constituency Group
Sub-Committee Reports to: Academic Senate

Charge: As a designee of the Academic Senate, the Distance Learning Committee will:

  1. recommend procedures and standards for distance learning and hybrid courses and instruction;
  2. advise the Curriculum Review Committee on distance learning and hybrid course development for rigor and compliance with applicable Title 5 regulations;
  3. recommend training for faculty teaching distance learning and hybrid courses;
  4. work with the college Institutional Researcher to obtain adequate data on distance learning programs and courses;
  5. originate budget requests related to distance learning;
  6. coordinate distance learning planning.

The committee shall include at least one representative from each division and the Distance Learning Coordinator serves as an ex-officio member. The committee chair may include others as deemed necessary.


Regular Effective Student Contact Guidelines (RESC) 2008-11-04

Guidelines for Distance Learning Instructors Rev Spring 2013