Institutional Effectiveness Committee Members

Committee Chair(s): Inge Bond/ Kathy Henderson
Length of Term: 2 years
Is the chair elected or appointed by position? Elected
Contact Person (if different than Chair):

NameCommittee Position RepresentingTerm DurationTerm End Date
Inge Bond Co-Chair Research 2 years June 2016
Kathy Henderson Co-Chair Administration 2 years June 2015
Carol Brockmeier   Faculty 2 years June 2016
Miqueas Dial   Classified 1 year June 2015
Leandra Martin   Administration 2 years June 2016
Sarah Randle   Classified 2 years June 2016
Tracey Ward   Classified 2 years June 2015
Vacant   Faculty 1 year June 2015
Vacant   Faculty 2 years June 2016
Vacant   ASG* 2 years June 2015


*Student participation subject to academic schedule