Technology Committee

Type of Committee: Participatory Group
Sub-Committee Reports to: GAP

Charge: Develop/update the Institutional Technology Plan through review and implementation of program review and strategic planning needs; identifies areas of technology infrastructure need, instructional need, staff need, and innovation appropriate to technology. Acts as the planning body for Technology planning and evidence noted throughout the accreditation process and self-study. The committee representation encourages holistic technology dialogue and discussion and works with other committees on integrated committee goals (i.e. Professional and Staff Development, Distance Education, etc.) appropriate to college planning.

FY14 Tasks:

  1. Update the Technology Plan.
  2. Develop a plan to prioritize and review Program Review requests.
  3. Develop process for integrating technology needs identified through Program Review and the technology surveys into the Technology Master Plan. 
  4. Review and prioritize technology requests identified in Program Review.
  5. Conduct Staff/Faculty Technology Survey.

Technology Plan 2013-2017

Technology Plan 2013-2017rev