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Online Classes

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Why Online Classes at Mission College?

Online Learning courses are delivered online and offer the flexibility of learning anywhere, and anytime. At Mission College, these courses are taught using the Canvas Learning Management System.

Help with Canvas

Here are some helpful videos to help you use Canvas:
Download the Canvas App to Your Phone

When Does Canvas Show Up?

If you add a class after it started prior to 11:00 p.m., you will have access to Canvas the next day.

Canvas Tutorials
For additional Learning Resources
Technical Difficulties and Requirements
YouTube Canvas Videos for Students
For Instructors

Peer tutors at the Tutoring Center and those the Welcome Center can help you as well in navigating Canvas.

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Why take an Online Course

See Schedule (and click on current online offerings)

  • Earn credits during Winter and Summer session to transfer back to your own four-year school
  • Take classes throughout the year on your schedule
  • Get through college faster
  • Complete lower division GE classes
  • Online tutoring with NetTutor
  • Online and in-person (hybrid) classes
  • Financial Aid may be available
Students taking online courses use Canvas to:
  • view online lectures
  • participate in virtual discussions and chats,
  • take exams and practice quizzes.

We also offer some courses in hybrid format, where most of the instruction is done on-line and there are a few on-campus meetings. If on- campus meetings are required, dates will be listed in the course schedule.   

Is Online Learning Right For You?

How Much Time is Needed
How much time is needed? 

You need to devote a minimum of three hours per week for each unit of credit. For example, if a course is three units, you should expect to dedicate at least nine hours per week to that one course. Note that if you do not have the advisories for the course, or English is your second language, it may take you longer. 

Once the course begins, check Canvas a minimum of twice a week, but preferably more often.

Realize that interaction with your instructor and other students in an online course are different from interaction in a face-to-face course.  The best way to learn the material is to become an engaged participant in your online course, and to communicate with your instructor on a regular basis. 

The Right Fit
Is online learning right for you?

Online courses can work for any student, just as a physical, onsite classroom with face-to-face instruction can work for any student - however, the quality of the "fit" varies with instructors and class environments.

Taking an online course requires just as much time and effort as a course on campus - maybe more! To see if online courses are right for you, review the following questions. The more yes answers you have, the more successful you will be.

  • Do you like to work independently?
  • Do you need convenience and an adjustable schedule?
  • Are you comfortable asking for clarification and continuing to ask when you need more information?
  • Are you good at meeting deadlines?
  • Are you comfortable working at a computer?
Technical & Software Needs?
What are the technical/Software needs?

You'll need your own computer or reliable access to a computer. It's usually possible to use machines in the campus computer labs or libraries, if your schedule permits.

  • Tablets and smart phones: You should be able to utilize a tablet computer for most classes. On the other hand, taking an online class via phone will almost certainly be problematic. Students have found it’s best to use the desktop version of Canvas (rather than the phone app) for more complex tasks like submitting quizzes and assignments.
  • Connecting: Whether you're using a wired or wireless connection, you'll be responsible for having your system properly configured and knowing how to connect your system to the Internet.
  • Web browser: The fundamental piece of software required to take an online course is a web browser. Chrome is the recommended browser for use with Canvas and it is required for taking exams using Proctorio
  • Trouble-shooting: Most of all, you should feel comfortable enough not to panic when something goes wrong, but to calmly assess what has happened, what might have caused it, and how it might be remedied. First try to accomplish your task using the Chrome browser on a desktop computer.

Computer Readiness Test - test your browser and plugins.

Getting Started
Getting started with online learning

Find and Review the Course Syllabus: The syllabus is your course contract. It is your responsibility to read and understand it. If you do not understand it, it is your responsibility to ask your instructor questions.

Become Familiar with Your Canvas Courses: The best way to become comfortable in Canvas is to log into each of your courses and familiarize yourself with the course format. The format for all Canvas courses are basically the same, but each instructor usually customizes the look and feel of their course.

Understand that Technology Can Fail:  There are no computer excuses in an online course. Make a contingency plan in case something happens to your computer and complete assignments early enough to consider any problems that may occur.

Still not sure? Take the survey to see if online learning is a good fit for you. Have questions? Read the Student FAQ.

Your Next Steps to Apply

Apply to Mission College
What to Take
  • Fulfill general education requirements either at Mission College or for transferrable units at your four-year college.
  • Fulfill requirements for Area A, B, C, D or E requirements
  • Here's a sampling of transferrable classes available.
  • Here is also a list of transferrable degrees from Mission College to a four-year university.
Check out our Classes
  • Search our class schedule or view it online. Also take a look at our catalog.
  • Once you apply, you can register for classes through the My Mission Portal.
  • Some classes that may be of interest for you, in a smaller class setting or with the convenience of being online, could be English writing, or courses in Life Styles, Psychology or History and many more.
Paying for College

Thank you for your interest in online classes at Mission College!