Sexual Assault

YWCA RAPE/SEXUAL ASSAULT LINE  24 HOUR - 408-287-3000 OR 650-493-7273

American Sexual Health Association - STI hotlines

Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (Save) Act

Community Solutions (South County) - 408-779-2115

YWCA Silicon Valley Sexual Assault Sevices - 800-572-2782

YWCA Domestic Violence Department Support Network
375 South 3rd Street, San Jose, 95112
1 (800) 572-2782
Emergency shelter, legal advocacy, counseling

Palo Alto Foundation Sexual Assault Resource

National Sexual Assault Hotlines - 1-800-656-HOPE

Sexual Assault Prevention Info (Best Colleges)

Mission College Title IX Coordinator:  Dr. John Mosby, VP Student Services

San Francisco Women Against Rape

Victim Assistance Programs in South-Bay

WVMCCD Sexual and Other Assaults Board Policy


Myth: Rape is just unwanted sex, and isn't really a violent crime.

Fact: Rape is more than just unwanted sex. Rape is an act of violence because the rapist uses force as a motive for power and control. One out of every eight adult women has been a victim of forcible Rape. (National Victim Center and Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, 1992).

Ways to Prevent Sexual Violence—For Women & Men*


Be aware of your surroundings.  There is a higher chance of avoiding sexual assault just by being aware of what and who is around you. Being cautious and alert can only be to your benefit. Know your sexual desires and limits.  Believe in your right to set those limits.

Communicate your limits as clearly as possible.
If someone starts to offend you, tell him early and firmly. Being polite is O.K. As long as you are firm and assertive. Say "no" when you mean "no" and be prepared to repeat it. Dress comfortably.

Dress as you please. However, non-restrictive clothing could be an advantage. We don't want to lead anyone to think that when a woman dresses provocatively she is giving permission to be sexually violated. Nobody asks to be sexually violated or raped, but to be aware that if someone ignores your limits and assertiveness, you want to be able to run and fight back if needed. Avoid excessive us of alcohol and drugs.
Alcohol and drugs interfere with clear thinking and effective communication.

If you are walking alone, try to have a whistle with you. If you find yourself in danger, blow the whistle to attract attention for help (Mission College Student Health Services provides whistles). Another item that may help you, if in danger is Chemical Mace, to spray in attackers eyes. Using items such as keys, pencils, pens, or books can also be used to defend yourself against an attacker.


Know your sexual desires and limits, communicate them clearly.
Be aware of social pressures. There is nothing wrong with not scoring.Being turned down when you ask for sex is not a rejection of you personally.

Women who say "No" to sex are not rejecting the person; they are expressing their desire to not participate in a single act. Your desires may be beyond your control but your actions are within your control.Accept the woman's decision.

"No" means "No". Don't read other meanings into the answer.
Don't continue after "NO!"Do not assume that just because a woman dresses in a sexy manner and flirts that she wants to have sexual intercourse.Do not assume that previous permission for sexual contact applies to the current situation.