ACCESS Orientation for Student Success

For a better understanding of your progress toward success in the ACCESS Program, check out ACCESS: Am I On Course?

Student Responsibility - less than 10 hours/semester
Instructor: Michele Hittleman
Voicemail: (408) 855-5051

The ACCESS Orientation is provided to our students during their first semester as members of the ACCESS program. (Please note: This orientation is for ACCESS students only; it is not a campus-wide college orientation.)

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(First semester ACCESS students- only by invitation)

Orientation is offered through the ANGEL "Mission College ACCESS Orientation Group."  Please see ACCESS staff if you were accepted into the program but are having issues getting into ANGEL.

Here are the orientation requirements for your first semester:
1. Online on the ACCESS Angel site:
  • Sign the student contract.
  • Take the STRONG career assessment quiz.
  • Watch 5 one-hour workshops (online at ANGEL) and complete the brief quizzes/activities.
2. Attend three in-person appointments with Michele Hittleman, ACCESS Counselor:
  • Go over your STRONG career assessment results.
  • Complete/revise your Educational Plan.
  • Attend a one-hour final orientation session to wrap up the semester.

This may seem like a lot, but it is less than 10 hours total.  Also, most of these activities can be done on-line, at times that are convenient for you.

Please see an ACCESS Staff member if you have questions about completing Orientation.