Mission College TRIO/SSS ACCESS Program

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Contact Information

Phone: (408)855-5192

Location: SEC-146

Hours: M-TH, 9AM - 6PM


Manuel Salazar
Program Director
tel: (408) 855-5191
email: manuel.salazar@wvm.edu

Welcome to the TRIO/SSS ACCESS Program

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TRIO/SSS ACCESS is an award-winning program focused on increasing the graduation and transfer rates for low-income, disabled, and/or students first-generation to college by providing support and resources above and beyond those offered by Mission College.

TRIO/SSS ACCESS Vision: We are actively engaged in creating a positive caring community that promotes diversity, leadership and student success.

TRIO/SSS ACCESS is part of the Educational Opportunity for Low-Income and Disabled Americans (TRIO/SSS) program, mandated by Congress. TRIO/SSS ACCESS is 100% federally funded at $282,482 annually.

Services include: Orientation (Student Success); use of the TRIO/SSS ACCESS office, student computers, and printers for researching, typing papers, and printing academic projects; Scholarship Search Assistance Program; College Success Workshops; College Tours; and Tutoring.

By participating in the TRIO/SSS ACCESS Program, students will achieve the following Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Actively participate in understanding their student rights and responsibilities in the TRIO/SSS ACCESS Program as demonstrated by:
    • completing the Orientation requirements.
  • Actively participate in the identification and completion of educational goals as demonstrated by:
    • declaring certificate, graduation and/or transfer goals in Admissions and Records;
    • completing and understanding the use of an educational plan; and
    • completing graduation and/or transfer goals within four years.
  • Actively participate in the identification and completion of financial goals as demonstrated by:
    • completing financial aid forms;
    • completing scholarship applications; and
    • obtaining other financial literacy information via workshops.

To guarantee success in the TRIO/SSS ACCESS Program, check out ACCESS: Am I On Course?

Service Area Outcomes

SAO 1:  75% of all participants served by ACCESS TRIO will persist from one academic year to the beginning of the next academic year, or earn an associate degree or certificate at Mission College, and/or transfer to a 4-year institution be the fall of the next academic year.

SAO 2:  85% of all enrolled participants served will meet the performance level required to remain in good academic standing at Mission College.

SAO 3:  50% of new participants served each year will graduate from Mission College with an associate degree or certificate within 4 years.

SAO 4:  25% of new participants served will receive an associate degree or certificate from Mission College and transfer to a 4-year institution within 4 years.