Mission College Office of Student Activities

Welcome to the Office of Student Activities
...where any mission is possible!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

 Liz Pelayo
Administrative Assistant, Student Activities
408.855.5406 | liz.pelayo@missioncollege.edu

Rachael Goldberg
Director of Student Development
408.855.5407 | rachael.goldberg@wvm.edu

Student-made Video Games 

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The dedicated staff in the Office of Student Activities (second floor of the Campus Center, Room 231) is here to help you enhance your student life and Mission College experience! If you want to be more involved on campus and learn about leadership development, the Student Activities staff is available to guide you in the right direction.

 The Office of Student Activities oversees the following within the Campus Center:

  • Associated Student Government
  • Saint Squad
  • Inter-Club Council and campus organizations via OrgSyc
  • Info Desk
  • Student ID cards
  • Staff ID cards
  • Quiet Room
  • Club Room
  • Game Room
  • Lounge
  • Go Print Stations
  • Conference Room Reservations
  • Equipment Rentals (pool cues, air hockey puck and paddles, etc.)
  •  VTA Eco Pass 
Service Area Outcomes

SAO 1: ASG, Campus Clubs, Faculty, Staff and Students of Mission College will be provided with orientation like training such as parliamentary procedures, student leadership and financial management each semester.
SAO 2: The ASG and campus clubs will be presented with several training workshops each semester to understand Parliamentary procedures.
SAO 3: The Office of Student Activities shall provide quality customer service to the Mission College community and general public.