English a a Second Language (ESL)

Students who speak another language, in addition to English, may need to improve some specific writing, reading or speaking skills. Taking the ESL assessment will recommend a course sequence and some areas in your academic English skills that need attention. Your classes will be taught in English. Improving these skills will help you succeed in other classes.

Do I need to take an ESL assessment to be placed in an ESL class?

Very beginning speakers who want to take NCE 910 (Foundations in ESL) or NCE 920 (Beginning ESL) do NOT need to take the ESL assessment.

High beginners and students wishing to take the ESL 930 or above do need to take an assessment. The assessment consists of a 45-minute computer portion and a 30-minute writing sample with pencil and paper. Please allow 90 minutes to take the ESL placement test. It can take up to seven days to receive your final course placement.