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Placement and Assessment Services

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California Community Colleges are now assessing for Math and English course placement primarily using high school performance information. Learn more about this change in the video above. Mission College has developed a Placement Assistance Tool to place students under the new practices.

You must apply to the college and receive a Mission College student ID number before you use the tool to receive your placements.

Complete the Placement Assistance Tool

Who Needs to Complete the Placement Assistance Tool?

  • New Students

    New Mission College students seeking a certificate, degree, transfer, or enrollment in English or Math courses must use the new tool to receive their Math and English placements.


    The following students will NOT need to complete the tool:

    ESL Students
    Students wishing only to enroll in ESL courses: Visit here for more information about ESL placement testing, or here for more information about our different ESL programs.

    Concurrent High School Students
    Students wishing to take college courses while attending high school should make course selections with their high school guidance counselor. More information is available on our high school page.

    Personal Enrichment Courses
    Students wishing to take courses other than English or Math for personal enrichment may enroll in courses for which they have met the prerequisite(s).

  • Current Students

    Continuing or returning Mission College students must complete the Placement Assistance Tool to receive new placements if you were:

    Previously placed in below transfer level courses
    You were previously placed in below transfer-level Math, and you will not have completed MAT 000C by the end of the spring 2019 semester.

    You were previously were placed in below transfer-level English, and you will not have completed either ENG 905AC or ENG 908 by the end of the spring 2019 semester.


    The following students will NOT need to complete the tool:

    If you have met English and Math prerequisites
    If you have already met all prerequisites to the transfer-level English and Math courses you require, you do not need to complete the Placement Assistance Tool.

Need Additional Help?
  • Visit Placement and Assessment Services during open hours.
  • Visit Counseling. They can also assist in completing the Placement Assistance Tool, or provide additional guidance after receiving your placement options. Be sure to set up a counseling appointment (or a DSPS Counseling appointment if you are a student with a disability) for additional help in determining the most appropriate courses for your educational goals.
  • For assistance with understanding or choosing a Math pathway, take a look at our helpful Which Math Pathway Should I Choose (pdf)

Additional Placement and Assessment Services

Assessment and Placement Services can also assist you with services to help you achieve your education goals more quickly.

  • Prerequisites

    Clear Prerequisites – Placement and Assessment Services can assist you with the paperwork and process for using coursework from other colleges and external exams such as AP, CLEP, or IB to clear a prerequisite through equivalency or to request a prerequisite challenge if necessary
  • Prior Work

    Credit for Prior Work – Placement and Assessment Services can assist you with the paperwork and process for transcript evaluation to transfer academic credit to Mission College from other educational institutions or to receive course credit for qualifying scores on external exams such as AP, CLEP, or IB.
  • Competencies

    Meet Graduation Competencies - Placement and Assessment Services can help you meet the Reading and Information Literacy Graduation Competencies for A.A. and A.S. degrees by successfully completing competency tests in lieu of coursework.

Contact Us

Location: Student Engagement Center - 109

Placement and Assessment Services Hours vary
, please check before you come.

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Service Area Outcomes

SAO 1: Upon completion of their placement tests, students will understand their course placement levels.

SAO 2: Students taking placement tests will prepare for them using the available study guides.

SAO 3: Students and Department Chairs who submit an approved Prerequisite Challenge Form to the Assessment Center will have the prerequisite entered in Datatel and a confirmation email sent to both the Student & Department Chair.

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