Spring 2018

Welcome Back to College and plan for a great year ahead! What personal goals have you set for yourself? Currently enrolled students are always welcome to talk to a health professional in the Student Health Services about weight management or how to establish a personal fitness plan. The Student Health Services waiting room has a floor scale and you are welcome to come in anytime, without having to ask for permission, to weigh yourself! 

International students and general students seeking on-campus employment are required to have a Tuberculosis Skin Test done through the Student Health Services. This test requires a 48 hour return visit to our office. We charge a nominal $10 fee (for students) for this test.

The Mission College Student Health services is staffed by experienced registered nurses, a licensed and board certified family practice medical physician, clinical mental health interns/trainees (personal counselors) supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist.

Personal Counseling - The Student Health Services is partnering with Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI) Behavioral (Mental) Health Services to provide personal counseling hours each week. This service is supervised by Dr. NIra Singh,  Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Services will be offered, by appointment to students only, and limited to 6 to 7 appointments per semester (depending on need). Call 408-855-5140 or come to SEC 104.

Mission College is a No Smoking and No Vaping Campus. 

The Board Policy states:

Smoking and Vaping are prohibited in all areas of West Valley and Mission College campuses except in parking lot areas that are at least twenty (25) feet away from buildings and pathways. It is the responsibility of all students and employees to observe the policy on No Smoking and No Vaping.  All smoking materials are to be disposed in the ash receptacles. Failure to comply with the policy on No Smoking and No Vaping will be treated in the same manner as other violations of District policy and may result in disciplinary action. 

Some smoking cessation resources are:

Mission College Student Health Services, room  SEC 104, 408-855-5140

Quit Smoking Kits (free) are available to smokers and others who would like smoking friends and family members to quit! A Quit Smoking Kit contains items to distract the smoker from lighting up. Some of these items are chewing gum, hard candy, mints, rubber bands (to snap on the wrist when the smoker feels like lighting up), toothpicks, and resource information (1-800-NO-BUTTS).

The Student Health Services Personal Counselor is available each week, on varied days and times, by appointment. If the Health Services Personal Counselor is not available, we will direct and refer the student to the Counseling Center.   Some students may find personal crisis counseling helpful if they are under going extreme life stresses from financial worries, academic difficulties to interpersonal relationship issues.   Take advantage of the free personal counseling which may be just what you need to help you succeed.

We wish all students much success!