Mission College Future Students - High School Students

High School Student: Dual Enrollment for Grades 9-12

High school students (grades 9-12) are eligible to enroll in college level courses at Mission College. The academic credits earned at Mission College may be applied towards a high school diploma or a college degree.  High school students enrolled in college units (considered “dually enrolled”) are not required to pay the $46.00 per unit fee. However, all students, including high school students are required to pay the $20 Health Fee.

High school students are limited to a maximum of 3 courses not to exceed 8 units for each term. Physical Education and Courses numbered 900(basic skills) and above are not available for High School students.

Enrollment Steps for High School Students:

  1. Complete the application to Mission College via OpenCCC:  http://missioncollege.edu/admissions/apply.html
  2. Download and complete the Dual Enrollment Form

    NOTE:  Form requires approval signatures from parent/guardian and the high school principal or counselor.

    This form must be resubmitted each semester of Dual Enrollment.
  3. See High School Counseling:  Students should first meet with their high school counselor to choose appropriate classes for high school credit.  Mission College Counseling faculty offer drop-in counseling services to provide more information about Mission College classes, majors, and academic requirements
  4. Assessment: Students interested in taking a class with an English, Math or Reading prerequisite must take an assessment test prior to registration to determine eligibility. Students interested in taking a course without any prerequisites no longer have to take an Assessment test. The Assessment Center located in room SEC-109 offers computerized placement tests on a “first come – first serve basis.”  Contact the Assessment Center at 408.855.5099 with any questions. For the most current schedule for placement testing click here.
    • Minor students entering in 8th grade or below are required to contact the Vice President of Student Services, Dr. John Mosby, for enrollment approval at Mission.  Meeting with Dr. Mosby does not guarantee approval for admission.  Please send message to dual.concurrent@missioncollege.edu
    • Current or previous Mission students that are below the 9th grade, at the time of enrollment, will be grandfathered in and allowed to enroll without preapproval.  These students should be directed to A&R for verification of previous enrollment. 
  5. Enroll in Classes:  After completing Steps 1-4, registration must be in person at the Admissions & Records Office (SEC-118) based on registration date.  Completed Dual Enrollment Form and picture ID are required at time of enrollment.  Student must be present at time of enrollment. See schedule for registration dates and unit limitations.
  6. Attend Class:  Once enrolled it is your responsibility to attend classes. YOU ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE TO DROP CLASS(ES), IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO ATTEND. Not dropping the class(es) may result in negative notation on your transcript.

Grades and Transcripts:  Grades and unofficial transcripts are available on-line via College Web Services.  Official transcripts may be requested at the Admissions and Records Office or on-line.

High school students must register in person starting on the following date:

Summer Session



9th & 10th graders

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018 (10am to 2pm)

Fall Semester



9th & 10th graders, Juniors

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Thursday, August 16, 2018