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EQUITY at Mission College:  Recognizing It …Embracing It …Practicing It.

What is it?

Equity in higher education is about equal educational opportunities for students and a promotion of success for all students, regardless of race, gender, disability, or economic circumstances.

Equality and equity are intertwined ideals but there is an important difference. Equality is giving students the same type of support across the board. Equity takes this to a more compassionate level and recognizes that the “same thing” may not work for every student. This perspective recognizes the unique needs of a student and offers support that truly levels the playing field. The image depicted here speaks volumes to this difference. 



Equality and Equity


Why does it matter to me?

Mission Students

Creating a more just and fair world may seem to some as lofty ideals. But the consequences of not taking actions and improving the conditions for all (regardless of whether you consider yourself as disadvantaged or not) are evident worldwide.

Educational poverty impacts a person’s mental, emotional, and financial livelihood. This poverty has implications for the stability and success of a community and a nation in the long term.

You may not see yourself as an agent of change but dig deeper into this critical issue and you will find out just how powerful and influential you can become simply by finding your VOICE and letting it be heard.

What can I do?

Club Day

Presentations from the Student Leadership Engagement Institute Capstone

Friday June 10th 2016 Morning Session:

Afternoon Session:



The Teaching and Learning Institute Projects Supporting Equity

The following are projects from the Teaching and Learning Institute developed by Mission College faculty and staff to support equity. Please check them out and be inspired!

The Teaching and Learning Institute comprise of faculty and staff who share this common vision:

  • Mission College is a strong community of innovative educators who are committed to active student learning and engagement.
  • Mission College students experience a strong sense of community and are confident in their voice and ability to actively participate in all aspects of their learning.
  • Teaching and Learning Practices at Mission College are culturally responsive and promote a sense of cultural integrity for all students.

Myo Myint - Personal Stories of Discrimination by ESL Students at Mission College

Julie Vu - Strengthening Student Ambassadors’ Equity and Advocacy Voice

Karen Gee - In-Class Writers’ Workshop 

Marina Broeder and Monica Rivas – My Mission College Story

Jouney Chong, Chigusa Katoku and Gaozong Park- Volunteer Program


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A very special thank you to Nani Jackins-Park, Ken Songco, John Mosby, Richard Alfaro, Ken Oda and the faculty, staff, students and administrators who provided support, resources and ideas to create this online presence for Equity at Mission College.

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