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Service Area Outcomes

¡Bienvenidos! The Welcome Center assists incoming and current students to better navigate the College's infrastructure and to increase their sense of belonging at Mission College. 

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Welcome Center Services
  • Our goal is to provide new and continuing students a supportive entry into Mission College by assisting students with:
    • Admissions, registration and MyWebservices
    • Financial aid applications (FAFSA, BOG Waiver)
    • Campus tours & information
    • Scholarship resources
    • Information and linkage to student support services.
  • Extends College Services: We assist students to better understand and utilize the support programs and services offered at Mission College (e.g. EOPS, MESA, the Math Lab and many more.)
  • Offers Individualized Support: Students can receive one-on-one assistance and mentoring from our student ambassadors.
  • Helps Struggling Students: The Center provides Student Peer Advising to assist students with academic success.
  • Promotes Family Involvement: The Center promotes the educational support of family and friends for students by organizing family orientations and college tours.
  • Encourages Communication: The Welcome Center facilitates student focus groups on issues and topics which impact a student's educational experience.
Why visit the Welcome Center?

After visiting the Welcome Center, students will

  • Complete the Mission College admissions application
  • Successfully navigate the online registration system (MyWebServices)
  • Connect to student services areas as needed

Contact Information

Main Building SE-101 (first floor, main lobby)
tel: (408) 855-5007 fax: (408) 855-5306 
email: mc.welcomecenter@missioncollege.edu

Julie Vu
Program Coordinator 
Tel: (408) 855-5288

fax: (408) 855-5306
email:  julie.vu@missioncollege.edu


Service Area Outcomes

SAO 1: The Welcome Center staff will provide general information regarding admissions, registration, financial aid applications, scholarships, and linkages to other student support services on campus through one-on-one assistance to students and computer resources.
SAO 2: The Welcome Center will conduct campus tours throughout each Winter/Spring or Summer/Fall academic periods for prospective students, new students and their parents.