Mission College Welcome Center Staff

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tel: (408) 855-5083
fax: (408) 855-5306
email: mc.welcomecenter@missioncollege.edu

Welcome Center Staff

Julie Vu
Program Coordinator
tel: (408) 855-5288
fax: (408) 855-5306
email: julie.vu@missioncollege.edu

Student Ambassadors

Beatrice AdjeiBeatrice Adjei 
Major: Political Science

My name is Beatrice Bryant Adjei and I am a political science, French and fashion major I have been at mission college for two and a half years the reason why I like working at the welcome center is because it is a nice, friendly, and relaxing environment I am also a people person I love to help people as much as I can I also speak French fluently.


Araceli BibianAraceli Bibian 
Major: Child Development
Bilingual: Spanish

Hello my name is Araceli Bibian. I am a student ambassador at the Mission College Welcome Center. I'm currently studying for Child Development and hope to transfer to a 4-year college university to become an elementary school teacher. I simply adore kids, they seem to brighten my days when they are gloomy and see no light. Not everyone can get to the heart of young children, yet they seem to accept me very well. I'm a kind, and friendly person who will always receive everyone with a smile. So if you have any questions please don't hesitate to come to the Welcome Center and ask. We're here to help succeed in college and achieve all your goals.


Alex BuiAlex Bui
Major: Biochemistry
Bilingual: Vietnamese

I am a highly motivated student whose prospective profession is pharmacist. It is my goal to transfer to UC Berkeley for Undergraduate Program, and UC San Francisco, School of Pharmacy for professional training. I have been volunteering for RotaCare Mountain View Free Clinic and Heartland Hospice for quite some time now, and it is always my inclination to help other people. That is why I want to become a Student Ambassador---who helps students with navigation, enrollment, financial aid application, etc. Hence, it is a very pleasant and rewarding experience working in this position."


Byron JiminezByron Jimenez
Major: Engineering
Bilingual: Spanish

My program of study is Engineering, I want to go UC Berkeley, San Diego State or Santa Barbara. I am from Chico CA, move down to bay area for college and this is my first year in college. I speak Spanish, English and low average Brazilian Portuguese. I play soccer, and like to exercise. The reason I became a student ambassador is because I am looking for new skills or improve my skills in the workforce. Also, I became an ambassador is to increase my understanding on other people who could barely speak English.


Khoa NguyenKhoa Nguyen
Major: Kinesiology
Bilingual: Vietnamese

Hi, I'm Khoa Nguyen, a student ambassador of the Welcome Center. I decided to become an ambassador to help students succeed; being able to lend a helping hand to my fellow Mission students is very gratifying to me. Friendly and outgoing, I highly enjoy meeting new people and making friends. I'm currently studying kinesiology for my major with the hopes of becoming an athletic coach/trainer in the future. I'm truly grateful for my position at the welcome center here at Mission College.


Vivian NguyenVivian Nguyen
Major: Biological Siences
Bilingual: Vietnamese

Hello! My name is Vivian. I've been here for almost 3 years fulfilling my GE education and trying to figure out what I wanted to do as a career. After changing my majors multiple times, I've recently figured out that I wanted to do something involving animals so I decided to major in animal biology. With this, I hope to one day travel all over the world to help endangered animals. I will continue my education by transferring to UC Davis for the Fall 2014 quarter. Besides attending school here, I'm an Ambassador at the Welcome Center. The reason why I became an Ambassador is because I take pleasure in helping people. It's always a good feeling when I see the students I help leave with a smile on their face.


Hir PatelHir Patel
Major: Communications
Trilingual: Hindi, Gujrati

My name is Hir Patel. I am nineteen years old and I am majoring in Sociology in law here at Mission College. This is my second year at Mission College and I am planning to transfer out to UC Santa Cruz. I have worked at the Welcome Center for almost six months. I love working here because helping out students makes me feel good. I want to get my Bachelors, Masters and doctorate in future. I love helping out people and I want to bring a good change to this planet. If you ever see me around please say hello, hi because I like to meet new people and I love to say hi to people.


Eboni WhiteEboni White
Major: Psychology

My name is Eboni Latrice White. This is my second year at Mission and I have worked at the Welcome Center for almost the whole time I attended, so if you have any questions about something feel free to ask me. My first goal is to graduate Mission with My Associate's degree in Psychology and hope to earn my degree in massage therapy at De Anza College, which resides in Cupertino. In five years, I hope to achieve my upcoming goal, which includes getting my bachelor's degree in Psychology as well as Massage Therapy. I will be working on my Master's program at Stanford with my undergraduate classes. My natural instinct is to help people whenever they ask, which is why I chose Psychology and additionally I wanted to learn the different aspects of the world and furthermore brought me to Sociology. I think helping people is a wonderful thing to do; something great always comes out of taking the initiative of putting others before you.


Sarina YangSarina Yang
Major: Nursing Program
Bilingual: Mandarin

Hello, my name is Sarina Yang; I am pursuing nursing major in Mission College. When I was a new student, I received help from a welcome center ambassador representative. The help I received made class registration, applying for financial aid, buying books, and other administrative tasks much easier than I had anticipated. I eventually got accustomed to the academic process and administration to prepare myself for the semester; I thought it would be good to show my appreciation by giving back to the community. In my heart I wanted to help students with the same difficulties that I encountered as a new student; and therefore chose to seek the role of Ambassador at the Welcome Center to fulfill my career and educational ambitions.   As an ambassador I will make sure students will find all their academic administrative needs to facilitate success in their education.

Outreach & Welcome Center Supervisors

Asmare Tadesse
tel: 408-555-5010
email: asmare.tadesse@missioncollege.edu

Ha Vuong
tel: 408-855-5069
email: ha.my.vuong@missioncollege.edu

Katy Fitzgerald
tel: 408-855-5070
email: katy.fitzgerald@missioncollege.edu

Lucia Moreno
tel: 408-855-5067
email: lucia.moreno@missioncollege.edu