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Andrea AbarcaAndrea Abarca
Major: Biological Sciences
Bilingual: Spanish

My name is Andrea Abarca. My major is Biological Sciences, and I am planning to transfer to UC Davis to become a Pediatrician. Also, I am a certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). As a student ambassador, I will do my best to help and guide Mission College student with admission and other questions that they can have.


Cesar Cardenas-Lanza Cesar Cardenas-Lanza
Major: Fire Protection Technology
Bilingual: Spanish

My name is Cesar Cardenas-Lanza. I am currently a new Student Ambassador at the Welcome Center and I look forward in helping those who are in need of assistance. I am majoring as a Firefighter in the Fire Protection Technology program and planning to attend the Fire Academy in this coming Fall. My goal as a Student Ambassador is to assist in any way possible and make sure that students leave the Welcome Center with a smile on their face.


Simran KaurSimran Kaur
Major: Fire Protection Technology/Business Administration
Bilingual: Hindi/Punjabi

Hello, my name is Simran Kaur. I am currently a Sophomore attending Mission College. My minor is in Fire Protection Technology and my long term major is Business Administration. My goal is to maintain an AS Degree and get certified as an EMT( Emergency Medical Technician) well-being at Mission College and then transfer out to either UC Berkeley or University of Washington to further complete my studies in Business Administration. I’m also a Student Ambassador at our very own Mission College Welcome Center. As an Ambassador I make sure students will find all their academic administrative needs to facilitate success in their education. I decided to become a Student Ambassador because I love working with people, especially helping students who need the help with guidance in the right direction. My goal as an ambassador is to provide new and continuing students a supportive entry into Mission College by assisting students with Admission, Registration, Financial Aid applications such as FAFSA and The Board of Governors Fee Waiver Application which is also known as the BOG Fee Waiver. We also provide students with college tours of our beautiful campus, along with Scholarship, Counseling and Transfer Resources. 

John LinJohn Lin
Major:  Computer Science
Bilingual: Cantonese

Hi there! I'm John Lin, and I'm a student ambassador at Mission College. I am currently studying Computer Science and I am also a soldier in the US Army Reserve. My goal as an Student Ambassador is to help provide the best support and assistance for students. 


Hillary NguyenHillary Nguyen
Major:  Biochemistry
Bilingual: Vietnamese

Hey! My name is Hillary Nguyen, and I believe in providing students opportunities in order for them to strive and thrive. I am majoring in Biochemistry, and planning on transferring and eventually going to medical school. In the meantime, stop by the Welcome Center and I'll be happy to help you with whatever you need!


Tuan PhamTuan Pham
Major:  Art History
Bilingual: Vietnamese

Hello, my name is Tuan Pham and I’m currently a student ambassador working at the Welcome Center. I am currently majoring in Art History and hope to pursue my dreams of being an art history teacher. My current goals as a student ambassador are to provide assistance for those who are in need, and be the guiding light to their success. I believe that being a student ambassador is a perfect job for me because I love helping out people. My job allows me to guide and assist students who are in need, and it gives me enjoyment seeing other students successful.


Josh ZuckJosh Zuck
Major: Library Art

Hello fellow students, my name is Josh Zuck, and I'll be your new student Ambassador. Come in and please feel welcome to ask me any questions you may have in regards to your concerns that you have. I'm here to help you! I'm currently in my fourth semester here at Mission College and I've made many valuable connections here with my professors, so I'll be sure to do my best to steer you also in the right direction. I look forward to serving you, so please come in with any and all of your concerns.


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